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About Our Product | Full Protection for approx. $3/day


  • The Best System on the Market!
  • No Monthly Monitoring!!
  • Can Detect a Leak or A Drip in as Little as 5 Seconds
  • Designed to Catch Pinhole Leaks that Can Occur Behind Walls
  • Independent Studies Have Tested Our System Against the Leading Competitors on the Market and Determined that Leak Defense is 96% Effective in Catching a Leak Before It Reaches the Deductible, which is Twice as Effective as Our Nearest Competitor At 48%.
  • It is the Most Sensitive System on the Market!
  • We Offer Seven Sizes to Fit All the Water Main Pipe Sizes (From Residential to Commercial Applications) to Avoid Any Reduction in Water Pressure
  • The Leak Defense System Can Be Programmed to Fit Your Specific Water Needs. (We Can Set Custom Schedules Daily and Nightly)
  • Works With Wi-Fi or Without- Not Wi-Fi Dependent
  • Mobile App, Website Catchaleak.Com for Device Management
  • Clean, Sleek and Professional Looking System, onsite Color Touch Screen Control and Alarm Panel
  • We Have Solutions to Accommodate Unique Water Systems in the Home or Business Such as Water Filters, Softeners, Irrigation Systems, Pool Auto Fill Systems, Ice Makers, Circulation Pumps, HVAC Systems, Fountains and Well Equipment. We Can Interact with Alarm Systems (By Setting the Security Alarm, It Syncs with the Leak Defense Away Mode)
  • Sensitivity- .001 Gpm (Gallons Per Minute) Vs Competitor Of 1 Gallon Per Minute
  • Fits 3/4″-3″ Pipes for Residential and Up to 12″ Pipes for Commercial Applications
  • Therm0Dynamic Probes -Sense Water Temp and Movement (Prevents Frozen Pipes)
  • Leak Defense is Built to Last, Commercial Grade, No Maintenance, Filters or Moving Parts to Fail (No Mesh Filters to Clog or Be Changed Regularly)
  • 4 Ways to Shut the Water Off- Manually, Sensors, App and Touch Screen
  • 17 Years and 30,000 Plus Installs – Zero Failures Known to Date and Still Working
  • The Leak Defense System is Made of High-Quality Parts. Our Actuator and Ball-Valves Are Manufactured in Italy and Leak Defense Assembles Everything in the United States. Hence, No Supply and Demand Issues
  • Commercial Grade Low-torque Valve with High-torque Motor
  • Highest Grade Ternary Eco Alloy Food-Grade Coating, Non-Porous 400 Dph. Redundant Seals, High-Temp, High-Pressure Design.
  • Commercial Grade Ball Valve and Housing Materials, Lead-Free Brass with T.E.A. Coated Lead-Free Brass Ball in Teflon Housing.


Our TV ad showing actual catastrophic water damage.

Our feature story on Hartford, CT CBS affiliate WFSB-TV.

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