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About David and Mary Colella

My name is David Colella.  My wife Mary and I own an insurance agency in Guilford, CT.  We found that in-home insurance water claims were becoming more and more frequent and wanted to find a solution.  After years of research, and with over 30+ years of insurance experience combined, We thought it was best to start our own company to further assist property owners in protecting them and preventing in-home water claims.  Leak Protect USA was born!

In January 2020, we opened Leak Protect USA and can now protect and prevent every homeowner and business.   Most property owners are unaware that you must report a water leak to the insurance company within 72 hours, otherwise the claim can be denied.  Water claims can affect policies as follows:

  1. Canceled
  2. Non-renewed
  3. Substantial rate increase
  4. Policy Surcharge
  5. Claim denied

These insurance claims can be denied if not reported within 72 hours.  Reason?  Mold can begin growing in less than 72 hours.  It is the policyholder’s responsibility by contract, to find and report any water leak.  Some of these leaks may be located behind walls, in basements, or where any plumbing is located.  Because property owners do not go into their basements frequently enough, that is where Leak Protect USA comes in.  We become your eyes and ears 24/7/365.  This system was developed to detect a drip in plumbing lines, both residentially and commercially.  Think you have a leak or have you had one before? 
Everyone knows someone who has had a water leak.

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Dave and Mary Colella

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