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“I was constantly worried whenever leaving my Block Island vacation home unattended. But after installing your leak protection system, my worries are gone!! Knowing that Leak Protect USA is on the job gave me a BIG sigh of relief!!!”
Ed P.
Block Island
“Our washing machine line had a leak when we were away for the day. We came back to find our basement full of water. We looked into a few companies before deciding on purchasing a system to prevent future leaks and damage. Leak Protect USA is the only company that’s maintenance-FREE, with no moving parts in their equipment—giving us total piece of mind.”
Mary J.
Clinton, CT
“We have well water service in our home. We had a water heater that needed to be replaced, that leaked water all over our furnace room and basement. The well pump kept pumping water until we were able to shut the water main off manually, causing thousands of dollars of damage. After repairing the damage and replacing the water heater, we didn’t want another claim, so we called Leak Protect USA. They installed a system that not only shuts the water main off, it cuts power off to the well pump automatically, preventing our well from running dry and burning out the pump. Thank you Leak Protect USA! You are our eyes and ears whenever we’re away from our home!”
Fred T.
Madison, CT
“After experiencing a major flood in one of our homes and another at our oral surgery office, which flooded the OB/GYN office below, we were surprised to see LeakprotectUSA on a tv commercial. We called and they delivered. They worked as a team and proved how user friendly the system is. It has already detected two leaks within a month of owning it! We are so pleased that we purchased two additional systems, one for our son and one for our daughter. We now have true peace of mind.”
Dr. Ray and Jean
North Haven, CT
“Super easy system/app to work with. I had an alert within the first day of installing this. Thought it was a false alarm but no it was valid, my main bath toilet tank flap hadn’t closed & water was running. If I had been gone for the weekend or even several hours my water bill would have certainly increased. Makes me wonder how long that’s been going on. I definitely feel more at ease now knowing I have a silent eye monitoring my home from small leaks or even devastation. Highly recommended!”
Jay G.

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