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14 Common Places Water Leaks Start In Your Home

As a homeowner you’ve got a lot to consider when it comes to protecting your family and lifestyle — maintenance, family safety, bills to name a few. You may want to add preventing water damage to that list — or an automated water leak protection for that matter. From a burst pipe to an overflowing sink or dripping dishwasher, water leaks can happen in many places inside your home.

  1. Toilets
  2. Hot water heaters 
  3. Dishwasher
  4. Plumbing on exterior walls  (on subzero days/nights) pipes freeze and burst due to 9% water expansion when it freezes
  5. Corroded pipes/sediment build up creating increased water pressure
  6. Washing machine hoses
  7. Sinks and showers
  8. Sewer and sump pumps
  9. HVAC Equipment
  10. High water pressure (eventually small cracks in pipes let go – hidden behind the walls)
  11. Plumbed refrigerators/Ice makers
  12. Lawn irrigation
  13. Clogged gutters
  14. Nails and screws lodged into piped during sheetrocking that become dislodged from deterioration/rusting 

At LeakProtectUSA, we have a proprietary electronic flow sensing technology that is second to none for performance and reliability in water conservation and leak protection. Get a peace of mind knowing that when your house has a water issue you will be notified that the water has been shut off vs. coming home to a mess that will displace you from your home and potentially cost thousands of dollars out of your pocket. Be Proactive vs. Reactive and sign up for a free 10 minute consultation with LeakProtectUSA.

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