SensXtend Sensor Dock & Rope Sensor Kit

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SensXtend by LeakSmart is an innovative array of accessories that provides customization and flexibility to any LeakSmart Shut-off Valve System.

Add the sensor dock and rope sensor in this kit to your LeakSmart Water Sensor for extended leak detection in tight, hard to reach places.  The included extension cable and mounting hardware options provide even more reach & a variety of placement options. Purchase more extension cables & rope sensors to connect to the dock and extend up to 100′ each (300′ total).

Key Features

  • Instant leak detection along length of rope’s 4′ surface and 5-second shut-off
  • Provides leak detection in tight, hard-to-reach spaces
  • Allows for creative placement options, plus easier battery changes
  • Eliminates need to move appliances during sensor installation
  • Rope sensor dries instantly: wipe with a cloth and use again immediately for maximum coverage and less downtime than competitive products
  • Patented Tri-Port design with three detection ports triples coverage area
  • Extension Cable, included with Rope Sensor, extends rope’s reach and enables coverage where you need it most*
    * Extension cable is optional and does not sense water
    * Kit does not include a LeakSmart Water Sensor

What’s Included

  • One (1) Sensor Dock
  • One (1) rope sensor
  • Screws, adhesive strip or magnet
  • One (1) extension cable added*
    * Extension cable (4ft) does not sense water

Product Specs

  • Kit Item #:8850615
  • Requires previous installation of LeakSmart Hub and Sensor


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