Inline Protect with Flow Large Home (4 Baths)


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The Protect by LeakSmart with Flow Kit acts as a water monitor and valve controller helping you keep an eye on your water usage while protecting your home. Paired with strategically placed water sensors, LeakSmart detects leaks, prevents water damage and automatically shuts off a home’s water main water shut off valve in 5-seconds or less when a leak is detected.

This Kit is for a home up to 6,000 sq. ft.
Plumber Installation Required.

Key Features

Protect by LeakSmart With Flow Valve

  • Set limits and track daily, weekly and monthly water usage
  • Monitor current water flow rate in real-time
  • Automatic 5 second shut-off
  • True 24/7™ protection – LeakSmart operates off a smart home protocol with battery back up that functions and protects even when power and Wi-Fi are down.
  • Identifiable leak location with LeakSmart Sensors
  • Patented, motorized solid brass, full port valve and stem
  • Automatic 22-day cleaning cycle to prevent mineral build-up and ensures system check
  • Works with Google Assistant™, Amazon Alexa and Control4®

What’s Included

  • 1 Protect by LeakSmart with Flow Valve (3/4″ or 1″) (Pictures above on where to find your water main’s pipe size).
  • 1 Hub 3.0
  • 13 Senors to protect up to 13 appliances (i.e. washer machine, water heater, dishwasher, toilets, etc.)
  • 2 Range Extender
  • 3 SensXtend Extension Cable
  • 7 SenseXtend Water Sensor & Extension Kit
  • 5 SenseXtend Rope Sensor & Extension Cable Pack


Add pre-programing for an additional $249.99. Select YES in the dropdown if you want us to pre-program your kit, value, and sensors to your email address. Then all you have to do is, download the app, add a location name for each sensor, and install the inline or snap water main shut off.


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