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LeakSMART |  Features & Benefits

  • Automatic 5-Second Shut-off of Water Main Before Leaks Become Floods
  • FREE Downloadable App From Google Play or Apple iTunes
  • When Power & Internet Fail, LeakSMART’s Proprietary Wireless Network Paired With Battery Backup Has You Covered
  • Whether You’re Out On Date Night Or On A week-long Vacation or Business Trip, LeakSMART Looks Out For You
  • Protects Against Burst Pipes, Overflowing Tubs & Toilets, Water Heaters and Appliances Including Dishwashers, Washing Machines & Ice-Making Refrigerators
  • 5-Year Warranty & $1 Million General Liability Insurance Policy

We are pleased to partner with Synchrony by making financing for your purchase of our systems available to qualified applicants.