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Leak Protect USA offers state of the art systems designed to detect leaks and shut off your water main in seconds. 

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Jim and Anne B

Clinton, CT

We suffered a catastrophic water leak to our home, due to a broken 3/8 water line; the interior of our home was destroyed.

We instantly had nowhere to live, we were out of our house and without a home for 7 months.

The interior of the house main and lower level had to be gutted down to the studs.

It took 12 months before the house was completely rebuilt and finished. 

Imagine instantly losing 90% of your home possessions: Furniture, rugs, appliances, computers, TVs, books, pictures, watching them get tossed into dumpsters and then having to replace all of them. Totally replace a kitchen, and 2-1/2 bathrooms

The hassle of searching for and finding multiple competent contractors that will work with you while you wait on the insurance money.

We depleted our personal savings and maxed out our home equity line of credit using this money to finish the interior demolition and start the interior rebuild while we waited the 4 months for the first insurance payout. Most of this money we never recouped and the rebuild would have taken 3-4 months longer if we have not used our personal money to get the rebuild moving. 

Having to deal with our mortgage company who receives the money from the insurance company and then disperses it out to your contractors in one third payments only after they send inspectors to check that work is completed.

The emotional strain my wife and I dealt with over the 12-month ordeal is indescribable.

We have since installed a complete water leak and frozen pipe protection system from Dave at Leak Protect USA. 

This system works and has proven itself twice already when it shut down my water main when water was detected.  

We can now relax and have peace of mind whenever we leave the house knowing the Leak Protect USA is protecting our home.

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